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Phill Grove - Professional Resume

Real Estate Experience

2003 – Present – Love Austin Homes, Real Estate Investing Company (later renamed: Love American Homes)
– President and Founder

2004 – Present – Hippie Hollow Homes, LP. (Real Estate “Flipping” Company)
– President and Founder

2005 – Present – Austin Real Estate Networking Club (RENC)
– President of largest real estate investing networking ground in central Texas

2006 – 2007 Texas Real Estate Investors Association (TexREIA)
– Board of Directors Member (state-wide legislative action board)

2008 – Present – Love American Homes
– Love Austin Homes became Love American Homes
– Launched a series of Real Estate Investing Training and Coaching Programs
– 2009: RE-Volution
– 2010: AMPS (Mortgage Assignment)
– 2011: The REI Marketing Machine
– 2013: Big Dog (Everything)

2009 – Present – REI Technologies
– Co-Founder (Real Estate Investor tools platform)

2014 – Present – Texas Wealth Network (2015)
– Founder of largest real estate investor network in Texas

2017 – Present – Canis Major Incubator
– Co-Founder with Shenoah Grove
– Private Funding Platform for commercial multi-family investing in Texas

2017 – Present – Texas Real Estate Investors – Legislative Action Group
– Co-Founder with Shenoah Grove
– Legislative Advocacy Group for Texas based real estate investors

Tech Experience

1988 – 2000 – Motorola
– Electrical Engineer
– Field Sale Engineer
– Director of Marketing

2002 – 2002 – Bandericom Semiconductor
– Vice President of Marketing

2002 – 2003 – Legerity Semiconductor
– Director of Marketing


1982 – 1987 – George Washington University
– BS in Electrical Engineering

Phill Grove’s Bio

Phill Grove became a full-time real estate investor in 2003 after a successful 16 year high-tech career, where he worked as an electrical engineer, field applications engineer, and ultimately as a Director or Vice President of Marketing at several semiconductor companies. Phill’s career advanced based on hard work, ambition, and unique problem solving abilities.

After being laid off from a failing company, Phill began investing in Real Estate, and started Love Austin Homes, LLC ( in 2003. That company immediately started doing long-term and short-term residential real estate investments. This took Phill from being an Electrical Engineer to being a “Transactional Engineer” – where he went about using his problem solving skills to develop unique strategies for buying and financing real estate transactions.

In 2004, Phill founded Hippie Hollow Homes, LP, ( of Austin Texas, another real estate investing company focused on short-terms flipping of residential properties. Hippie Hollow Homes, named after a famous beach in Austin, was known for attacking an eclectic crowd, and is congruent with Austin’s motto of “Keep Austin Weird”. Hippie Hollow Homes developed additional investing techniques including being an early pioneer in short sales starting in 2004. By 2005 Hippie Hollow Homes was doing 20 or more short sales a month and became the national preferred vendor for short sales for Keller Williams (the world’s largest real estate company). By 2009 Hippie Hollow Homes had initiated nearly 1000 short sales.

In 2005, Phill became the President of the Austin Real Estate Networking Club (, the target real estate investor networking club in central Texas. In this capacity Phill became a public speaker on real estate topics and community leader within the investor community. Phill, and his wife Shenoah, also came to understand the power of networks and networking among real estate investors, teaching members to leverage each other’s time, money, and expertise to do more deals.

In 2006, Phill was invited to be a member of the Board of Directors for the Texas Real Estate Investors Association (TexREIA), a state-wide legislative action group assembled to lobby the Texas state legislature on behalf of Texas real estate investor’s rights. Ultimately this group failed to raise enough money and presence to prevent the Texas legislature from outlawing Lease-Options in the state of Texas, and the group was disbanded.

By 2008, Phill had negotiated hundreds of real estate transactions, and began teaching real estate investing to new investors coming into the real estate investor club. Love Austin Homes, LLC, was renamed Love American Homes ( as the business grew beyond Austin.

By 2009, Phill had become a popular speaker at numerous real estate investing events and conferences and was also invited to start offering training program nationally through internet marketing and webinars. This lead to the development, over the next several years, of several highly successful nationally recognized training programs including:
– The RE-Volution – 12 Unique Investing Strategies
– The Mortgage Assignment Program (MAPS) – buying houses with no money and no credit
– The AMPS Program (Assignment of Mortgage Payment System = Advanced MAPS)
– My REI Marketing Machine
– The All-In-One Real Estate Investing Program (Advanced 12-ways to to a deal, and more!)

Through public seminars and webinars, over 250,000 people have listened to Phill present on the topic of real estate investing, and millions more have watched re-plays of his presentations though a network of affiliates.

While developing various training programs, Phill also co-founded REIMatcher ( in 2010, a real estate investor platform providing tools and training to real estate investors looking to automate their business. Along with this platform Phill created the REI Scoreboard – a tool showing how to make money on any real estate investment lead from any seller with any home with any mortgage.

By 2013, Phill, and his wife Shenoah, expanded their network, across the state off Texas, by creating a series of real estate investor associations (REIAs) in Dallas, Ft. Worth, Houston, and San Antonio. These REIAs became the Texas Wealth Network ( in 2014 and rapidly grew to become the largest real estate investors network in Texas (possibly in the USA) with over 70,000 participants, by 2018.

In 2017, Phill founded the Texas Real Estate Investors – Legislative Action Group ( in response to the Texas State Legislature proposing new legislation that would potentially make seller financing and wrap-around mortgages (a popular investor strategy in Texas) illegal. The legislation was proposed in response to some disreputable investors (outside of Phill’s network) committing fraud on a group a Texas homeowners. The Texas REI Legislative Action Group successfully funded a lobbying effort to have the law modified to shut down the fraud activity, while keeping the strategy legal for reputable investors. This was a major victory for Texas investors, as without this concentrated effort the existing law would have been devastating the to real estate investor community.

In 2017, Phill launched The Canis Major Incubator ( a platform and community for Commercial Multi-Family investing in Texas. This platform provides Texas real estate investors with training to become sophisticated active or passive investors of Commercial Multi-Family real estate. The platform connects active investors with deals to passive investors looking to invest in deals. The platform is growing rapidly and has funded numerous large commercial projects in Texas.

Today, Phill and his wife, Shenoah, manage the largest network of real estate investor in the state of Texas (possibly in the USA), with over 70,000 participants (and growing) and they provide the most extensive training, mentoring, and investing resources, for both residential and commercial investing in Texas. Phill and Shenoah have personally mentored thousands of real estate investors throughout Texas. He and Shenoah call this “bringing people along for the ride”. They have participated in negotiating over 1200 real estate deals, and have acquired and currently own over $10,000,000 in personal residential properties (mostly rental properties) and have ownership in over $35,000,000 in commercial properties in Texas. The Groves run their business out of their 10,000 foot home in Barton Creek, Austin where they live with their son, Zilker.

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